Home prices have now fallen more than during the Great Depression

That’s what I just read in this CNBC Realty Check story. I’ve said it would take ten years to crawl out of this one. Maybe twenty is something to consider.

The crisis of credit – a video

This little video is making the circuit. It’s good and gives a bit of a picture to what’s happened here, but it leaves out a few details. When it talks about sub-prime mortgages, remember that Congress and President Clinton signed that little act that forced lenders into high risk areas. I just spent an hour […]

Reading this Sunday’s paper

I tend to read the paper in a way that keeps me heading back to the computer. So many stories offer Web sites now which is great because I usually want more information. Here are two that caught my eye so far: — Housing values in America. I’m always on the lookout for a bargain, […]

Pile on the pork.

Yes, something passed the Senate. There are some interesting details coming to light, including a tax exemption on wooden arrows for toys. What the hell is in this thing? Here it is. If you figure it out, let me know. (Don’t believe me? Search for “wooden” in the pdf file.) An entire ACT is in […]

This puts the housing mess into perspective

It’s must watch material and worth all eleven minutes.