Aaron Rodgers: Let the hate begin

I’m not big on football, but I have enjoyed watching our Packer QB shine the last few games. He earned it. I’m happy for him. It’s getting obvious he’s the man, so to speak. When you read stories like this one, well, you just know there’s a lot that’s been left out. Contrast that with […]

Darn it, something’s bothering me.

That SUV stuck in a sinkhole just made the NBC national news. At the end of the piece, the reporter quipped the engine is still running. Still? From all the press it’s known this is a Cadillac Esplanade. Cadillac means OnStar. For goodness sakes, they run a freakin’ commercial about being able to kill the […]

‘Fess up. Are you watching it tonight?

No, I won’t, but it’ll be on, so I’ll probably have a hard time avoiding it completely. There’s little doubt it’s all folks will be talking about tomorrow. I always worry just a tiny bit about the future of mankind when this football business gets so frenzied.

She wore what?

Here’s the First Lady of the United States exiting Westminster Abbey. As in – a church. As in, my goodness, they let her out of the house? The photo’s a few weeks old, but it’s still newsworthy.

Michael Steinhafel is the drunk attorney in Elm Grove

And that certainly explains hits to this blog searching his name. (Michael Steinhafel is the attorney mentioned in this legal situation.) The ElmGroveNOW article says Steinhafel was at three times the .08 legal limit to drive. Of course we all know driving under the influence creates very little concern in Wisconsin. This attorney shouldn’t have […]