I was wrong about the Shire moratorium

First, I’ve not been asked to make this correction. I did another search which revealed this document showing the date of the moratorium to be extended to September 1, 2009. I apologize to Mayor Jeff Speaker, Alderman Steve Ponto, and Alderman and Common Council President Mark Nelson for this statement: Brookfield, I’m going to blame […]

Elmbrook’s area 4 map – open seat for school board

First, I was wrong. The N/S line for this boundary is mostly Pilgrim Parkway/Moorland Road, not Calhoun as I had mentioned in an earlier post. The northern boundary is still North Avenue. To see the map in a way you can get up close and personal, visit it on the district’s Web site. Otherwise, take […]

I wonder if it paid for that spiffy bus Elmbrook used…

You know, the one for the groundbreaking that no one will admit to riding. (I’ve tried for a week to get names and have been denied repeatedly.) The CNI papers are reporting that CG Schmidt, the company Elmbrook Superintendent Matt Gibson said donated the use of the bus with that company’s compliments, is a little […]

Guess what? I was wrong.

I wrote earlier this week that someone had contacted me about a post I had done in July on Obama’s photo in Germany. I questioned some things in the photo the AP sent out, and wondered what you thought. Most of you didn’t say much. This week Rhonda Roland Shearer, director of Art Science Research […]