Managing your online campaign image

Well we’ve had some fun in the discussion of this post as to that new campaign tool Facebook. Hang in there, because there’s bound to be a little something for everyone in this information. First, Facebook is part of a group of Web tools called social networking. Along with Twitter it’s the latest greatest thing […]

Brookfield’s Drinan headed for greener pastures

Don’t let it be lost on you that a position is open at City Hall that should remain EMPTY and be removed from the heirarchy. Anyway… The City of Brookfield’s Economic Development Coordinator Patrick Drinan is off to head Sheboygan County’s Economic Development effort according to the Sheboygan Press. Patrick Drinan, 38, who has been […]

Mutt and Jeff greet taxpayers at Brookfield City Hall

Jeff Speaker has company this year glad-handing taxpayers who line up to pay their bill. David (Dave) Marcello is joining him for the annual love-your-politician handshake. You have to wonder how that’s playing out. Here’s my interpretation: But wait! There’s more. (I haven’t mentioned it in a couple of weeks or so, but I LOVE […]

The ever-changing ballot

It looks like Bielinski, the most unknown of the Brookfield mayoral candidates, is withdrawing from the race. From the MJS: In Brookfield, the former police officer-turned-Mayor Jeff Speaker is facing four possible challengers so far in his bid for a third, four-year term – the most competition since the last incumbent mayor, Kate Bloomberg, did […] – Enriquez for Mayor

Darryl Enriquez sent me a release to say his Web site is up and running. (I’m posting this because in all likelihood, this page will search higher than his own site for a few weeks. You political types really need to get this Web business down a few months BEFORE you run!) You might […]