Planes, trains, and automobiles

If you’ve been under a rock, the TSA is taking a beating in the poll of public opinion today. Here’s the hashtag from Twitter. Here’s a continuing thread from I’ve decided to back off flying myself until it’s all settled out. My new rule? If it’s not free, I’m not going. — Day (who’s […]

Conservative? Buy gas? ExxonMobil might be for you.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to figure out the best place for me to buy gasoline. At first, naively, I thought I’d do some research and base my decision on the company who refined U.S. oil. What I learned is there’s really no such thing as U.S. oil. Everything we refine in the […]

Remember, it’s the last Tuesday of the month

Public meetings are nil, so there’s little in the way of local news. I suppose we could always make something up. 😉 On the home front, my heater had a tune up this morning. I’m good to go for another season. There was a new potential problem that popped up, so I’m definitely leaning towards […]

The two-minute CraigsList posting

We’re still trying to undo years of accumulation now that children are leaving the nest. Today the post was for a plastic table and some chairs that have hung out unused in the backyard. There were five responses in about two minutes. I was able to have a usable driveway basketball goal hauled away a […]

A chat with Brookfield’s parks director about those mosquitoes

Bill Kolstad, Director of Parks and Forestry, was kind enough to give me a couple of minutes on the phone this morning. For those of us wondering, he confirmed the permits to control mosquito larvae are in place. The process of determining larvae counts has begun. The count hasn’t yet met the threshold needed to […]