The DJIA hits new highs

I try my best to be fair. Sure, I can be silly with things like Michelle Antoinette, but when it comes to the core of this blog, government policies and the way those policies affect us, it’s always to our advantage to observe all sides. Just in case you haven’t noticed, the Dow Jones Industrial […]

Some thoughts on money and government

This is going to be one of those meandering posts that hopefully makes you think in the end. First, high five for Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele! He’s mimicking now Governor Scott Walker’s Kabuki dance with regard to the county budget so well they could be twins. Which is very funny considering how hard the […]

The DOW opened below 13,000

Dude. (Or dudette as the case may be.) Ooopsey doodle. Today closed at 12,811.

To do Thursday, 10/11/12

–Go lift weights. Soooo not looking forward to this one. I’ve really increased my activity level the last couple of months and now I’m sore all the time. I’ll do it though. It will suck, but it won’t kill me. –Start a little research on the next project. I think it will be an attempt […]

Comparing economic cycles to the rise and fall of party preference

I will apologize in advance that this post will not be thorough or well documented. I rarely get to say this, but I’m busy. Still, I wanted it out there so you could reply and help me think it through. Saturday night the spouse and I watched Iron Lady, a movie about Margaret Thatcher. (The […]