LaborFest 2014 (Update!)

The President is coming! The President is coming! I had planned to meet a girlfriend downtown on Labor Day – guess we’d best stay out in the suburbs. Nothing like a Presidential entourage to mess with getting to one’s favorite restaurant. (BTW, Honeypie Cafe in Bay View is my new favorite restaurant. Do yourself a […]

Redistricting! Redistricting! Redistricting!

Make no mistake, the Republican sweep in Wisconsin and in the U.S. House of Representatives was a very big deal. It’s 2010. We just had a census. The lines are about to be drawn, and with these numbers, the lines will be drawn to facilitate Republican goals for the next decade. No, there won’t be […]

Election returns

Here’s our spot to talk about it. I’ve a dilemma. I have picture in picture upstairs, and thought that would be the best choice, but the remote is unhappy. I changed the batteries. I think it’s more of a sticky button problem. That’s ok. Elliot Spitzer has shown up on CNN’s election return panel. I […]

Randy Melchert gives us a guide to the Wisconsin races

I’ve been looking for this for weeks! Thanks Randy.

A national sigh of relief

I’m not counting my chickens – you won’t find any predictions of who is in and who is out – but, it feels better already out there. Oh, sure, a few are giddy. The expectations are for a good return in the Republican camp tonight. But I don’t really care about the details. All I […]