Democrats and race in Milwaukee

Why won’t Milwaukee Democrats engage in a discussion about economic disparity in Milwaukee? I have a few ideas. Chances are, you won’t like them, but since it will give a handful of you something new to bicker about, I’ll go ahead. This post started bouncing around when I saw this from Sam. Here is where […]

Re: Milwaukee, segregation, and income disparity

Milwaukee A couple of weeks ago a website called 24/7 Wall St. did a special report on the best and worst run cities in America. Milwaukee ranked 10th in the worst category. The site offers this blurb: 10. Milwaukee, Wisconsin > Population: 599,000 (28th largest) > Credit rating: Aa2, stable > Violent crime per 100,000: […]

Wisconsin Assembly attempts to criminalize stupidity, and high five to the United Way

The Assembly has put forward bill number 465. An Act to create 253.155 and 948.215 of the statutes; relating to: causing harm to a child by cosleeping while intoxicated, providing information about cosleeping while intoxicated, and providing a penalty. It is soon to be criminal to be “intoxicated” and sleep with your infant in the […]

Milwaukee: Local like a tourist

If I ever really did a travel blog, one of the categories I’d enjoy was something like this post title: how to see Milwaukee like a tourist. Think about it. A lot of us are happy to spend our money headed to a different city, pay for tickets to music venues and plays, eat out […]

I don’t think a trolley is bad for Milwaukee.

But a Milwaukee trolley subsidized by every ratepayer in the utility is a disastrous idea. The Assembly is moving the anticipated costs of relocating utilities away from tracks to the city instead of the ratepayers. It’s a good call. Milwaukee has a lot of things it can accomplish to continue its rise to the top. […]