Housing in Milwaukee

Last January I wrote about Bold Ideas for Milwaukee. I said I wanted to do more to visit the neighborhoods. Well, I’ve done that. It’s changed my mind on a couple of things, and opened my eyes in so many ways. About that same time one of my children suggested ACTS Housing as an organization […]

Guns and polls

I’m not going to spend a lot of time here today, but two things are important to consider. 1) A child was shot in a Milwaukee park and the Mayor wants longer jail times for the crime. The police chief wants illegally carrying a gun to be a felony. Both Milwaukee leaders insist the Republican-lead […]

Milwaukee’s taxi-ing problem

Want to grab a cab in Milwaukee? Good luck with that. Want to grab a cab at Milwaukee’s under-construction airport at 2:00 AM? You silly dreamer, you. That’s where I found myself early Tuesday morning. The ride I finally snagged was a chatty and pleasant cabbie from (a suburb) who had no problem filling me […]

Democrats and race in Milwaukee

Why won’t Milwaukee Democrats engage in a discussion about economic disparity in Milwaukee? I have a few ideas. Chances are, you won’t like them, but since it will give a handful of you something new to bicker about, I’ll go ahead. This post started bouncing around when I saw this from Sam. Here is where […]

Re: Milwaukee, segregation, and income disparity

Milwaukee A couple of weeks ago a website called 24/7 Wall St. did a special report on the best and worst run cities in America. Milwaukee ranked 10th in the worst category. The site offers this blurb: 10. Milwaukee, Wisconsin > Population: 599,000 (28th largest) > Credit rating: Aa2, stable > Violent crime per 100,000: […]