Photos from Morocco

Morocco 2008

Coming Home, part deux

Dinner is finished. It’s really kind of good the trip is ending because I am ready to be home. No one mentioned the Ohio and Texas races! (Ok, not in my quick review anyway…) It think it’s really big news to have two Democrats having at it this late in the game. I’m traveling in […]

Coming Home

(For you young ‘uns, it’s another old movie title…) It’s the last night and we’re back in Casablanca. I’m at the Le Meridian. There were rose petals in my toilet. (So not me.) Cross your fingers and hope that my luggage comes home with me. More later. It’s dinner time.


I am here. Hope you all are having fun too. Bye!


I’m having so much fun I can barely see straight. We have a three hour ride today and I intend to be drooling and snoring for the most of it. Catching up with my travel buddies can wait for another time. Little bits of stuff: Morocco is NOT the World Cup in 2010. I must […]