“Super Storm” Sandy

Is now responsible for a remarkable increase in unemployment claims. Gee. Unemployment bumped up after the election. Gee. For the first time in a couple of reports all of the states were able to get their numbers in for reporting. Gee. No, I don’t want to admit it, but it sure feels like the constituency […]

In the tank

One housewife’s opinion as to why the MSM is in the tank for Obama. It’s a little hard to argue the media equally tracks and describes our two presidential candidates. But thanks to my love for conspiracy theories, I think I’ve figured out why. The media outlets need the revenue. I’ve told you before they […]

MJS road to nowhere

Oh, good grief. I hate to tell them, but I don’t read much of what they write anyway. Can I do without Bice’s usual grump sessions? Yep. I quit subscribing about three months ago. I do get their RSS news feed, but of all they put out, I click on about two a day to […]

This should freak everyone out just a little bit

It’s a line from Bice’s most recent article: Insiders told No Quarter that he was arrested for refusing to cooperate with the long-running John Doe investigation by Milwaukee County prosecutors. According to this, if you don’t cooperate with a secret unnamed investigation, you go behind bars in Milwaukee County. Scary. Now I can be a […]

MJS’ Daniel Bice fires up the whiners

OMG! Recall elections might have more than two candidates! It’s an evil conspiracy! Bice has done some good work here and there. This morning’s front page article fails to apply any standard except pandering. Chief amongst his complaints is that Republicans might encourage someone to run against the Democratic challenger in the upcoming recall races. […]