Getting lost in the market.

A couple of days ago I was stomping through the very old mercado here in Antigua, Guatemala. I’ve been visiting this market off and on for several years now. Though people I know have had the occasional bad experience – a slashed handbag to make a wallet fall out, pockets picked, etc. – I’ve really […]

“Super Storm” Sandy

Is now responsible for a remarkable increase in unemployment claims. Gee. Unemployment bumped up after the election. Gee. For the first time in a couple of reports all of the states were able to get their numbers in for reporting. Gee. No, I don’t want to admit it, but it sure feels like the constituency […]

In the tank

One housewife’s opinion as to why the MSM is in the tank for Obama. It’s a little hard to argue the media equally tracks and describes our two presidential candidates. But thanks to my love for conspiracy theories, I think I’ve figured out why. The media outlets need the revenue. I’ve told you before they […]

MJS road to nowhere

Oh, good grief. I hate to tell them, but I don’t read much of what they write anyway. Can I do without Bice’s usual grump sessions? Yep. I quit subscribing about three months ago. I do get their RSS news feed, but of all they put out, I click on about two a day to […]

This should freak everyone out just a little bit

It’s a line from Bice’s most recent article: Insiders told No Quarter that he was arrested for refusing to cooperate with the long-running John Doe investigation by Milwaukee County prosecutors. According to this, if you don’t cooperate with a secret unnamed investigation, you go behind bars in Milwaukee County. Scary. Now I can be a […]