Time to knock off for the weekend

I am in the happiest of places. My travel packet arrived today for my Tuscany trip next September. I also effortlessly booked travel with miles from my mother and me to head to Charleston/Savannah in March for her birthday. Effortlessly rarely happens, especially with flying from two different cities! I’m really tickled. — The youngest […]

Springsteen skips Milwaukee

I’m thinking it’s a bit of a relief that The Boss won’t be showing up around here. Granted, we’ve had a little more than our share with the Harley Hoopla last summer. For me, though, it’s been tough the last couple of years to separate the music from the politics. You won’t hear me belting […]

The song in my head

Yes, I know it’s a war protest, but it’s the last thing I heard when I drove in last night, and it stuck.