Getting lost in the market.

A couple of days ago I was stomping through the very old mercado here in Antigua, Guatemala. I’ve been visiting this market off and on for several years now. Though people I know have had the occasional bad experience – a slashed handbag to make a wallet fall out, pockets picked, etc. – I’ve really […]

Here’s to the shithole countries.

POTUS said a bad word! Or at least someone claimed he said a bad word. But then two other people said he didn’t say a bad word. But the media spent two days talking about POTUS using a bad word. So it must be true. No, I’m not linking any of that malarky. If it’s […]

Barack Obama, the selfie president

I got myself into trouble on Twitter last night with this comment: That @WhiteHouse selfie is probably the most discouraging thing I've witnessed in America since 9/11. — Cindy Kilkenny (@cindykilkenny) April 17, 2014 In case you missed it, this is the latest presidential selfie: Pals. — The White House (@WhiteHouse) April 17, 2014 […]

Income inequality in tonight’s SOTU

No doubt our President will go all out and demand more class warfare. He will be doing so without any regard for the facts. Word is he will announce that all future federal contracts pay workers a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour. (Duh. Just how many federal employees, even those under contract, are making […]

John Doe Two

1) It’s really not about Scott Walker no matter how badly a few Lefties in the state want it to be. As this US News article from today says, the John Doe is just a little extra for the Governor to maneuver in his quest to be President. 2) Writing about it is going to […]