ACA: It’s the law.

I resisted the urge to add “stupid.” I was all set to give you a brilliant deconstruction of John Doe II this morning, but then I saw that Wigderson chose to pontificate on the rightness of Republicans to claim Obama can’t make one-sided decisions regarding the Affordable Health Care act. Wiggy even invoked George Will! […]

“You’ve Come a Long Way Baby ?”

The Presidential election of 2012 taught me an important tenet– to pay attention to political polls and not political pols. Thus tonight’s victory in the Virginia governor’s race by Democrat Terry McMcAuliffe surprises me not at all. No question the Obamacare debacle closed the gap between candidates by 12 to about 2 points in 10 […]

Paul Ryan and an alternative to Obamacare

It would certainly be easy to miss this blurb: The Janesville Republican said he will once again offer a comprehensive alternative healthcare plan as he did four years ago. “If we help people buy health insurance in the marketplace, no matter who they are, no matter how much money they have, no what their health […]

Rethinking poverty in America

Reading this post from The Money Illusion a week ago has me thinking. Has America won the war on poverty, but refused to acknowledge the success? The Money Illusion argues: After-tax and transfer data is better than income, and consumption data is still better. Liberals are focusing on “inequality” when they should be focusing on […]

Tammy Baldwin, Queen of Pork

Wisconsin Senate votes from last night’s bill: Baldwin – yes. Johnson – no. Built into the bill – Section 123: SEC. 123. Section 3(a)(6) of Public Law 100–676 is amended by striking both occurrences of ‘‘$775,000,000’’and inserting in lieu thereof, ‘‘$2,918,000,000’’. Public Law 100-676 is a river project on the border of Kentucky and Illinois. […]