Wisconsin votes with their remote

WTMJ-4 won’t be airing the President’s speech Thursday on the main channel. Not to rub it in President Barack Obama, but you are not the man in Wisconsin. You aren’t even the backup. Every once in a while I feel a bit of relief about the November 2012 race. It will take a miracle for […]

Win a week’s lodging in Antigua, Guatemala

Oh, folks, you want this one. You will really, really want this one. My acquaintance in Guatemala is allowing her beautiful (and I mean drop-dead-you-usually-only-see-this-in-magazines) Antigua home to be the prize for one lucky drawing winner. All you have to do is make a donation to the very purposeful Riecken organization between June 30 and […]

Thinking about how America uses energy

A trip to Europe always gets me thinking about our American dependency on foreign oil. We at least get to drill some of our own. Europe is sucking on a great big straw from the Middle East. They willingly admit to their dependency, and work to change that. There was an amazing amount of solar […]

A wish list for all of us

Fighting Bob’s guest blogger Bill Kraus has a little something for everyone on his New Year’s wish list. My favorite: #1 A reduction in the need for money in political campaigns specifically, politics generally. It is really all about the money, folks. How sad we’ve let it become that way.

Spread the word

I’m looking for work. Not necessarily paid work, but purposeful work. Son #2 thinks I need to head downtown and spend some time finding a remedy to Milwaukee’s homeless situation. I’m not opposed the idea, but really don’t have any idea where to start. I joked to the spouse last night my purpose in life […]