Finally, my thoughts on last Tuesday’s national election

Sure it would have been more fun to win, but the next four years will be awful for our country financially, and they will always have Obama’s name on them. His presidency will be remembered as eight of America’s worst years. I know it’s unkind, but I’m ok with that. So I kind of suspected […]

“Throw the bums out!”

A commonly heard sentiment, especially when talking about members of Congress. Congress has an approval rating of the high teens to low twenties, truly abysmal. And it’s been there for awhile. With no signs of improving. So one would think congress people would be removed left and right. But that’s not the case this time. […]

The electoral map from 2012

First, I want to thank for doing this work for me. Go read the commentary and the reader comments there, then come back and let’s discuss this thing. I’m going to repost two of the maps below so that we can continue our discussion without flipping back and forth. I’ll source them. The counties […]

Thinking outloud

Quick. Before this martini kicks in. 1) If Obama hadn’t abandoned Tom Barrett during the recall, would we be calling Mr. Barrett Governor? 2) Tammy. Really? How embarrassing. Dear Mr. Hovde. MOVE HERE. And then run again. You redeemed yourself after the primary. Timing is everything, sir. Tommy. Can we finally be done. Please? 3) […]

The Romney crowd from Ohio last night

It takes a little time to load, so be patient. But it’s sooooo cool! Hey, and do me a favor. I can’t get to it this weekend, but find real attendance numbers from these different rallies. I’ve noticed a tendency over the last few days for Obama’s reports to indicate “thousands.” Two “thousands?” I know […]