My apologies

I was supposed to write today, and it may still happen, but I’ll confess, I’m being the mom right now. It’s a great thing, and I haven’t much more time, so perhaps you can be patient. Also, and this is a great bit amazing also, Greg Gutfeld is going to be on Glen Beck in […]

News of the day

No, it’s really no surprise that Balloon Boy’s dad is full of hot air. My news is a bit more personal. The youngest received her acceptance letter from UW-Madison in today’s mail – a scant two weeks after she applied. For the most part, the pressure is off and she can enjoy her senior year. […]

Remember, it’s the last Tuesday of the month

Public meetings are nil, so there’s little in the way of local news. I suppose we could always make something up. 😉 On the home front, my heater had a tune up this morning. I’m good to go for another season. There was a new potential problem that popped up, so I’m definitely leaning towards […]

Heavy lifting

I admit, I haven’t done much of that on the blog lately. To everyone that’s helped out over the last few weeks, thanks so much. Here’s to the upcoming weeks and getting back into the groove. We’ll be doing a little extra heavy lifting around here tonight as another van filled with goodies is heading […]

Create a medical emergency card

Here’s the link to creating your own card. You get a long story with this one, though… Last night, we were fortunate to abort another round for the youngest. She has CVS – Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome – which manifests itself a bit like a migraine but rips on the gastrointestinal system instead of the head. […]