Why Charlie Sykes is wrong about Rep. Bill Kramer

If you haven’t heard, Charlie Sykes has taken his Bill-Kramer-is-wrong-for-Wisconsin vendetta to Kill Bill! (The Sykes Remake.) I’d call it amusing, because it’s always freaking amusing when a pompous blowhard like Sykes pretends he’s better than the rest of us, but this time it’s rather nauseating because 1) Sykes is really digging in for some […]

The Pelosi Way

Disclosure: I didn’t think of this but it’s BRILLIANT! I had to share. The best way to end this shutdown is have the republicans in the house pass a 2000 page bill with a title saying something like “Full Obamacare Funding and Spending Increases For All”. Send it over to the Senate for passage then […]

On liberty and labels

This started as a Twitter rant this afternoon, but I’ve been meaning to say it for a long time. Let me mess with your head. The Tea Party – fighting for liberty and equality – are liberals by definition. Dems have corrupted the term…. This was a central theme in my discussions with The Professor […]

Fall 2012 Detente Dinner

Say what you want about liberals, but I found one who can cook. Sunday was our first ever Detente Dinner. I told you about it. I told the folks on Patch about it before when I was looking for another attendee. (Found one, by the way, but the morning of the dinner she emailed […]

God gets booed

I think this came up briefly last week, but I just watched the video for the first time. Can you imagine being one who cast a “no” vote only to be railroaded by your own party into a position you never supported? To be honest, I don’t know that this was a God thing as […]