What recession?

So why all this talk of recession? It’s an election year. The “R” word is often used to signal to the American voter that change is demanded. Who benefits from change this November? Democrats. I suppose it’s semantics, and in reality a recession isn’t measured until after the fact, but from what I could research, […]

Ink by the barrel

Remember this? A reporter writes an article to support the company line (Oh, our pathetic high schools!) and the referendum passes. A reporter supports the Mayor to keep access to City Hall, the incumbent goes down. Details on the Steinberg article: Sub-line “Judge defends demeanor”; Names to defend Steinberg: Steinberg. Names to attack: Warchol, Collins, […]


Well, it’s over. (Book club was fun, thanks for asking.) It looks like we have a new municipal judge. Recounts rarely change a final vote – but it is city wide and the margin is 10. I think it’s safe to say Warchol won. I’m 3 of 4 in my choices for the Common Council. […]

Voter turnout Brookfield District 2

1608 at 7:00 p.m. with active traffic, but no line to vote. Again, last year about 2200 voted for the referendum. Ah, I’m not sure I like a lower turnout. It could be NO voter couldn’t vote YES, but didn’t want to vote NO. It could also mean that YES voters with younger children are […]

Leaky pipe reply

This guy really gets me. He thinks I should have seen the leaky pipe in one of the many tours arranged by the district. What he ignorantly suggests is that the pipe would have been leaking then, and the district has purposely ignored the repaired. Smith earlier wrote that he arranged two interviews within the […]