LaborFest 2014 (Update!)

The President is coming! The President is coming! I had planned to meet a girlfriend downtown on Labor Day – guess we’d best stay out in the suburbs. Nothing like a Presidential entourage to mess with getting to one’s favorite restaurant. (BTW, Honeypie Cafe in Bay View is my new favorite restaurant. Do yourself a […]

Did you know Mary Burke is rich? (The Redux)

I suspect the reason Daniel Bice from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is fanning the flames of Burke’s wealth again is that desire to sell papers, I.e., feign relevance in a seriously slow election. Incredibly slow. One certainly wouldn’t guess there’s a gubernatorial election in Wisconsin in less than three months. In the last couple of […]

Johnson sues over ObamaCare subsidies; Sensenbrenner pouts

There appears to be a rift developing between two Wisconsin legislators. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is filing to challenge the Obama edict that supplements congressional staff as they move to comply with the American Healthcare Act. The act put the staff to the plan. Obama’s pen defied the act by supplementing the costs of compliance […]

We have a John Doe winner

Or loser. I suppose it depends on one’s political perspective. I’ve been waiting for this to come together. Lisa Kaiser from Shepard’s Express did it. (Go read it. They deserve the traffic.) Sooner or later the pieces all fall into place. This round of speculation is consistent with reliable information I had during the first […]

You go RoJo!

Wisconsin’s United States Senator Ron Johnson is learning the rules of the game, and it appears he’s not afraid of them. Use all the tools in the toolbox if you need them to get a job done. That’s why those tools exist.