Bold ideas for Milwaukee

One compelling study on segregation is the March 2011 report from Logan and Stults, The Persistence of Segregation in the Metropolis: New Findings from the 2010 Census. In addition to the earlier revelation that the Milwaukee area ties the Detroit area in segregation, the chart on page 8, Table 2. Black-White Isolation in 50 Metro […]

Black like me

Black Like Me is a book published in 1961 about a white man, passing for black, making his way through the South on buses. The man darkened his skin and posed his way to fame. While some considered the story a bold statement, others labeled John Griffin a fraud. And he was. Albeit a fraud […]

Rethinking poverty in America

Reading this post from The Money Illusion a week ago has me thinking. Has America won the war on poverty, but refused to acknowledge the success? The Money Illusion argues: After-tax and transfer data is better than income, and consumption data is still better. Liberals are focusing on “inequality” when they should be focusing on […]

On liberty and labels

This started as a Twitter rant this afternoon, but I’ve been meaning to say it for a long time. Let me mess with your head. The Tea Party – fighting for liberty and equality – are liberals by definition. Dems have corrupted the term…. This was a central theme in my discussions with The Professor […]

Chapter 10: Housewifery Expands To Fill The Time Available

(If you live Wisconsin you can’t read this until you vote today!) I read Annie Laurie Gaylor’s bit in The Progressive while eating lunch today. I couldn’t help but recall my own encounter with Betty Friedan’s book The Feminine Mystique. No, I wasn’t reading it as part of some expensive Women’s Studies class that mommy […]