Key Benchmarks in the Governor’s Race

I was playing around and trying to create a reasonable starting point that provides a guide as to how voting in our Governor’s race will shake out. My key points of reference were the Walker win in 2010, the Walker recall election, and the Obama/Romney race.  I’m just looking at R and D votes and ignoring the rest. […]


We can learn from history. I’ve heard this all my life. Here’s some history. Since it’s on these very short videos it is not opinion, just reality. Some more reality. Well, President Obama did end the war. Just ask any Iraqi today.

No Rain in Richmond

I never thought I would do it. On Tuesday I voted for a college professor that conducts his trade in a small liberal arts college in Ashland, Virginia a.k.a. the Center of the Universe and home of the annual Starawberry Faire. My Congressman will change in January of next year. I live in the district […]

Just Walk Away” (Not the one by Celine Dion)

Based on the established policy history of the Obama administration, I am trying to determine exactly how they will handle the Sgt. Bergdahl story as we go forward. Will it be shovel readied? Fast & Furioused? Rev. Wrighted? Benghazied? VA’d? Nuclear optioned? NSA’d? Doctored? IRS’d? Keystoned? What difference does it make’d? We are being asked […]

He Served his Country for 4 Decades

Across the country he was being praised as an honorable and decent man. He was a veteran who served his country overseas and was in public service for over four decades. He was popular with veterans as he was one of their own. He had risen to the number one position in the country. But […]