Time is Telling

When discussed earlier on this site the belivability level was low or non-existant. A recent independant Fox Poll shows 37% of registered voters believe President Barack Obama lies ‘most of the time, 24% some of the time, 20% now and then, and 15% none of the time’. Doing the math shows that’s 76% believe Barack […]

Harry Tells the Truth

A few days ago Harry Reid said “there are horror stories being told all over America…” Sadly he was correct about one thing he said…

2 + 2 = ?

Since Sunday I keep hearing from Democrats about the positive news coming from the numbers being released by the White House regarding last minute federal Obamacare signups and how the improved website operation was making a huge difference. Let’s look at the numbers as released by the White House through Sunday December 29th : Total […]

Billions & Billions & Billions….

Post by Randy in Richmond From 2010 this is Vice-President Biden promising what a $192 million dollar US loan to green car manufacturer Fisker would produce: This past Friday Fisker Automotive, Inc. filed for bankruptcy and we taxpayers will be out a minimum of $139 million dollars. The Obama administration recently announced it will be […]

We ‘tried’ to Tell You So

Post by Randy in Richmond From the November 18, 2013 New York Post: Census ‘faked’ 2012 Election Jobs Report From an October 5, 2012 posting on this site discussing the huge, sudden drop in the unemployment rate as part of the Presidential debate just prior to the election: Randy in Richmond says: October 5, 2012 […]