The Biden Principle

This post is a product of a couple of comments on the Patch blog. One asked something along the lines of “don’t I care for the poor.” The other “that he’d be happy to pay more taxes if it meant the safety net would be wider.” The right often jumps back with a response […]

A compromise on taxing and spending

Here’s the deal: If the left will cooperate to implement a simple flat tax rate, I’ll convince the right to let you all spend that revenue any way you like.

Everything I ever wanted to say in one blog post

Only I didn’t say it. Larry Correia did. It’s not very often I run across something where “I wish I’d written that” is my first response.

Eat the rich!


Go ahead. Pay more in taxes.

No one is stopping you. I love this! And, no, I don’t intend to participate.