LaborFest 2014 (Update!)

The President is coming! The President is coming! I had planned to meet a girlfriend downtown on Labor Day – guess we’d best stay out in the suburbs. Nothing like a Presidential entourage to mess with getting to one’s favorite restaurant. (BTW, Honeypie Cafe in Bay View is my new favorite restaurant. Do yourself a […]

Lt. Governor Kleefisch disagrees with marrying dogs or clocks

And it’s getting some kind of play. I saw some very disheartening conservative comments thinking she might have just cost Scott Walker the election. I said last week it was Walker’s to lose. It never dawned on me she might lose it for him. From Fox 6:  

Walker panders to the business owners

He wants to eliminate – not stabilize or reduce, but eliminate – the state corporate income tax according to the MJS. I have mentioned before that I think it’s terribly disingenuous to say you can lower taxes in Wisconsin given the current deficits and looming pensions. Why can’t Scott Walker tell me, instead, where he […]

I am not a paper bag

I found this today whilst managing some internet shopping. Thought you all might get a kick out of it given our other discussion. I dreamed about Scott Walker last night. I have to get it together today, but I hope to share the details later. (All G rated, I assure you.)

PolitiFact Wisconsin inflames left and right

From the left this morning in response to this post: The Journal Sentinel’s PolitiFact feature continues its forced march towards utter stupidity. From the right a couple of days ago: POLITICRAP: POLITIFACT JUMPS THE SHARK I think both sides have also offered the fact-checking service hugs here and there, too. What do I think? Kerching […]