President Obama is chicken

And a complete joke. This advertisement for the Obama campaign is real, not a parody.

The latest presidential poll from PPP

The poll shows the race tightening in Wisconsin. They appeared to have collected opinions by what I consider to be a proper assortment in the state: 34% Democrats 33% Republicans 33% Independents The poll has a decent margin of error at +/- 3.1%. So when it says Obama leads in Wisconsin 49 to Romney’s 47, […]

The debate rehash

Let’s get at it. The RNC released this video from last night. Titled “Smirk” I have to say, it is definitely one of the things I recall most from last night. That and Obama’s unwillingness to make eye contact. So odd. I’ll be scrolling through my favorite opinion sources this morning and adding to this […]

What I’ll be looking for in tonight’s debate

Woohoo! And all that. If you’ve not been breathing politics for the last two years like I have, maybe you’ll come around to the idea that we’re a month away from a Presidential election. Tonight’s the first debate between incumbent President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Governor Mitt Romney. (I hate that call-them-governor-forever thing. […]

Task for the next 24 hours

Six weeks. It’s six weeks until we vote for POTUS. This is your mission. 1) Find a swing state. 2) Find someone you know, preferably an independent thinker like yourself, in that state who voted for Obama. 3) Make a case for voting for the other guy. No, this message won’t self destruct. I’m just […]