LaborFest 2014 (Update!)

The President is coming! The President is coming! I had planned to meet a girlfriend downtown on Labor Day – guess we’d best stay out in the suburbs. Nothing like a Presidential entourage to mess with getting to one’s favorite restaurant. (BTW, Honeypie Cafe in Bay View is my new favorite restaurant. Do yourself a […]

When a talking head offends a Talking Head

You end up with this apology: This video by Charlie Christ, former Florida governor and recent Senate candidate, came up last night at dinner. (It was a fabulous dinner, thank you very much, details of which will be described in the future.) The taping was conveyed as something a hostage might have produced. After watching […]

Feingold: $19.4 million to say goodbye

You should all remember, he was the most frugal of Senators. And although nearly $20 million stood at his discretion over the last term, he should never, ever be considered wealthy. Yes, Senator-elect Ron Johnson spent about $14 million. Together the race cost about $27 million during the height of campaign season. We have a […]

Pat Boone stumps for Ron Johnson

Yes, that Pat Boone! Let me know if you’ve received the robo call, too.

But I never agree with Dad29

It’s all Jeremy Shown’s fault. He shared this one from Dad29 in his Google Reader. It’s worth your time.