“Throw the bums out!”

A commonly heard sentiment, especially when talking about members of Congress. Congress has an approval rating of the high teens to low twenties, truly abysmal. And it’s been there for awhile. With no signs of improving. So one would think congress people would be removed left and right. But that’s not the case this time. […]

Hey girl

Surely you’ve heard of this by now? Well I’ve been up to a little orneriness of my own: I’m going to use it in a different post later today, but I thought I’d share it early with you all. You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to get that far! Of course, it is […]

Riding hardtail

It happens now and then. I get completely fed up with Wisconsin politics and want to tell everyone off. I’ll warn you: this Senate primary still has me ticked. The other day I opened my Facebook page to see a bunch of bloggers go off, once again, on how nasty Mark Neumann was. Seriously? Mark […]

With a week to go, WI Senate race is interesting

No, I’m not changing my mind. I’m still completing the line for Mark Neumann in the Republican primary on Tuesday, August 14th. Yes, he’s still my favorite candidate. No, he’s not perfect. Yes, I think Neumann will defeat Democrat Tammy Baldwin. No, I still don’t have any money into the game. (You know I don’t […]

The undecided WI Senate race voter

I joked the other day that none existed. I found one. With his permission: It is now August and I still don’t know who I’m voting for in the Wisconsin GOP U.S. Senate primary. So candidates and surrogates, now is the time to make your pitch for my vote. Based on polling, I’d say I’m […]