Changes in Latitude

I’ve run away. I never understood folks who kept more than one home until I’d spent the last 20 years in Wisconsin, then my Oklahoma DNA kicked in and demanded to be warm more than two months a year. Now that the children are out of the nest and the spouse is still attached to […]

Say hello to Jekyll. And Hyde.

Details are coming forward as to the shooting in Brookfield this last weekend. The shooter was a wonderful man, who happened to terrorize his family. I don’t mean that to be flippant. Nor do I know from personal experience. But every case of domestic abuse I’ve ever known, there are two faces. That which the […]

Thinking in the bathtub

Because that’s where a girl does her best thinking! Lots of stuff. Primarily: 1) Detente dinner tonight. Kind of nervous. Hope we don’t kill each other. Perhaps the ingestion of a million calories will prove soporific and everyone lives. 2) The Book rolls out for real next week. Lots still to do. First on the […]

The Biden Principle

This post is a product of a couple of comments on the Patch blog. One asked something along the lines of “don’t I care for the poor.” The other “that he’d be happy to pay more taxes if it meant the safety net would be wider.” The right often jumps back with a response […]

Coming to America

Nearly twenty years later I am still amazed by the ethnic identities dearly held in Southeastern Wisconsin. It was a completely new concept to me when moving from Oklahoma that even two or three generations removed from the immigration family identities remained strong through stories and gatherings. Oh, I have roots, too, but as a […]