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I’ve had a complaint that the Web site is slow to load recently. Can you all weigh in as to whether or not it’s a problem for you? I’ve checked a few connections here and everything seems ok, but I have been making some back room changes and want to be sure. Thanks.

Curt Culver, MGIC

The conversation moves to the sub-prime mess and housing. McCain asks how to guarantee we won’t get here again. Culver responds that more regulation may not be the answer. He adds that Sarbanes-Oxley has been hard on companies. Culver does concede there are some good points to the bill, but it did more than intended. […]

“Obviously, we all agree”

The discussion on education is all stuff we’ve heard before. There are two tiers of education. Students need to be brought into the culture early. Tenure and teachers unions need to get on board and support charter schools and homeschooling. One would properly describe this board as homogenized. But that’s the advantage of being a […]

Wah! Bill Self stays in Kansas

I guess Oklahoma State is still searching.

That’s it folks

I have to scoot off to be the mommy. I’m so glad I came. I’m glad to see these discussions take place. I’m really glad to see such a large group here on a sunny Saturday morning. Thanks for reading.