Hooray for photo voting ID!

It’s done. Finally. And I will confess in a timeline that leaves me quite suspicious, but it’s done. Wisconsin is free to implement photo IDs for voting in the next November election. No doubt Governor Walker is quite delighted by the turn of events. He used a little executive action (Isn’t there someone else who […]

Governor Walker commits to Voter ID in Wisconsin

He told reporters he would call a special session if the current Voter ID law falls in court. Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel offers the opinion: Such a move could help ensure the voter ID requirement is in place for the November elections, when Walker will be on the ballot for re-election. (Oh, I […]

Union vote requires photo ID

Oh, wow. The America we are in right now could drive a girl nuts. This is the closest I could find to a source for the version rounding Facebook. Funny, they didn’t mention the irony of the union requiring a photo when most liberals go berserk when you suggest the same for a presidential election.

Governor Walker to sign Voter ID today

I had coffee yesterday with a couple of women who worked very hard to get the bill passed and to make sure there were provisions, like the residency requirement of 28 consecutive days, to further protect the vote. Here’s the final bill. Here’s the Legislative Reference Bureau report on the final amendments. The two stressed […]

59 percent of Hispanic women don’t have a photo ID

That number comes from the SEIU, so it’s not debatable. Of course they don’t provide a source, but it’s still not debatable. 😉 Among those who will need to obtain new identification to vote are over 177,000 elderly Wisconsinites, 17 per cent of white men and women, 55 per cent of African American men, 49 […]