Hooray for photo voting ID!

It’s done. Finally. And I will confess in a timeline that leaves me quite suspicious, but it’s done. Wisconsin is free to implement photo IDs for voting in the next November election. No doubt Governor Walker is quite delighted by the turn of events. He used a little executive action (Isn’t there someone else who […]

A report on the quest for voting integrity in Wisconsin

Ok, I’ll warn you. I’m happy about something. I know. I know. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does – wow! It’s a great feeling. A little over a year and a half ago ago I teamed up with some women who had been working very hard to nail down voting procedures in […]

Governor Walker commits to Voter ID in Wisconsin

He told reporters he would call a special session if the current Voter ID law falls in court. Patrick Marley of the Journal Sentinel offers the opinion: Such a move could help ensure the voter ID requirement is in place for the November elections, when Walker will be on the ballot for re-election. (Oh, I […]

Surveying the 2013 year in legislation

I will confess my favorite government is that which does nothing, as it is rare I find a new law that pleases me – or does what it intends. But one would have reason to think, living in the perfectly Red state of Wisconsin, that we could at least cough up a few laws in […]

Sensenbrenner gives Congressional Black Caucus lapdance

I suppose because his district is so easy to represent, Wisconsin’s 5th district Congressman, James Sensenbrenner, is choosing to sidle to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and rewrite the recently diffused Voting Rights Act. He hung out with his buddies at the Congressional Black Caucus last Friday ’cause there wasn’t anything better to do. MSNBC […]