Forming an opinion about Obama and Iraq

I set out this morning to do some research, find the links, and put it all together in a poignant yet scholarly essay on bringing our soldiers home from Iraq. That plan, however, directly conflicts with the Bah Humbug list that remains undone. Instead you will be reading my opinion with hopefully accurate facts and […]

Claim of “human shield” is “nuts”

One thing a reporter, a good one anyway, is never supposed to do is become the news. That rule has been broken by CNN’s Nic Robertson. He and a bunch of Americans were sent to Gadhafi’s Libyan compound to survey the damage. They were brought in on buses. They were shipped out quite quickly, according […]

A little fun at Karzai’s expense

The link the liberals are circulating tonight says Afghanistan’s Karzai would pick the Taliban over the US if he had it to do all over again. Perhap’s the man is just bored or looking for more money. In any event, this is the photo they ran with the story: I thought it would be more […]

WikiLeaks vindicates George W. Bush

And the world is now upside down. Take time to read this, it’s important.

Obama’s General: Why He’s Losing the War

That’s on the cover of the Rolling Stone that I just picked out of the mailbox. I’d also argue that’s the real reason Obama tossed McChrystal. (Yes, I’ll admit I missed that prediction.) Obama was being forced to own the General and the war. Obama doesn’t take responsibility for much very gracefully. There’s been a […]