Using Kohl’s Cash to Pay for a New Bucks Arena

Ah, Kohl’s. Who hasn’t walked out with a bag of goods reveling in one’s more-than-50% savings? After all, the clerk is quick to circle that number before you leave the register. Pick ‘n Save, a Roundy’s grocer, does the same. There can be twenty people in a checkout line, but darn it, every savings will […]

Deadline Looms for Nonpartisan Elections

Remember when I told you that YOU are the only perfect candidate? Well reconsider that idea, because it’s time to submit your nomination papers for local offices in Wisconsin. While I’m pretty sure the concept of nonpartisan in this state only survives on paper and rarely in practice, I’m also sure that nothing will complete […]

Mary Burke attempts to buy the WI gubernatorial race.

Heck, if she wanted the Governor’s mansion, should could have saved herself some money and let Democratic State Senator Robert Wirch sell it to her outright. The final reports are in for the race between Walker and Burke, and they’ve created a little kerfluffle. Two quick takeaways: Burke’s campaign lied about her numbers before the […]

Silly season

Otherwise known as two weeks before the election. Democrats let loose a couple of days ago with the news that Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele will release (did release) Milwaukee County documents from the first John Doe. You know. The one that was never able to actually get to Governor Scott Walker, but spurred the […]

There’s no such thing as a perfect candidate

Thank goodness that little fact doesn’t keep most people from voting. You see, if you want the perfect candidate, one who aligns exactly with your ideals, you are going to need to run yourself. That’s a scary thought, huh? Can you imagine opening every closet for the entirety of your existence and explaining exactly what […]