Gov. Walker, it’s time to call that special session.

Last March the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported: Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday he would call a special legislative session if courts this spring do not uphold the state’s voter ID law… A federal judge slapped down Wisconsin’s law at the end of April. A month has passed and not only has the Governor not called […]

Walker’s Polling History

A summary of comments from a previous post, but worthy of a few minutes I think. Scott Walker’s polling has been all over the place prior to his other two state-wide elections. Real Clear Politics does a lovely job of keeping an archive. Here is 2010 – from prior to Barrett right before the vote. […]

Guns and polls

I’m not going to spend a lot of time here today, but two things are important to consider. 1) A child was shot in a Milwaukee park and the Mayor wants longer jail times for the crime. The police chief wants illegally carrying a gun to be a felony. Both Milwaukee leaders insist the Republican-lead […]

Democrats and race in Milwaukee

Why won’t Milwaukee Democrats engage in a discussion about economic disparity in Milwaukee? I have a few ideas. Chances are, you won’t like them, but since it will give a handful of you something new to bicker about, I’ll go ahead. This post started bouncing around when I saw this from Sam. Here is where […]

Scott Walker, front-runner

Well this Powerline post certainly left me thinking: I expect that, with a solid victory in November, Scott Walker will become the effective front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. By effective front-runner, I mean the most likely nominee (assuming he wants the nomination), not necessarily the Republican who polls the best in early surveys. Go […]