Candidates find creating jobs in Wisconsin might be challenging.

Mary Burke found the task so gruelling that she allowed a campaign consultant to copy text from other gubernatorial plans across the nation word for word. Scott Walker found the task so daunting that his first campaign claim to create 250,000 jobs in our state earned a “broken” label from Politifact who credits him with […]

Hooray for photo voting ID!

It’s done. Finally. And I will confess in a timeline that leaves me quite suspicious, but it’s done. Wisconsin is free to implement photo IDs for voting in the next November election. No doubt Governor Walker is quite delighted by the turn of events. He used a little executive action (Isn’t there someone else who […]

Why Walker is more popular than his policies.

Ok, that was kind of mean of me. It’s a direct play on Jay Bullock’s (@folkbum) post over at On Milwaukee, “Poll position: Somehow, Walker is more popular than his policies.” Bullock tosses up a poll salad of favorite Dem talking points: Common Core Minimum wage Tax cuts only help the wealthy Medicaid expansion For […]

LaborFest 2014 (Update!)

The President is coming! The President is coming! I had planned to meet a girlfriend downtown on Labor Day – guess we’d best stay out in the suburbs. Nothing like a Presidential entourage to mess with getting to one’s favorite restaurant. (BTW, Honeypie Cafe in Bay View is my new favorite restaurant. Do yourself a […]

Tuesday’s primary post mortem

This is going to be rather short because, um, oh dear… I didn’t vote. That’s right. I’ll own it. I’m out of town and missed the absentee mail in deadline and failed to catch an early voting day before I left. It’s the first election I’ve skipped in I don’t know how long. I almost […]