There’s no such thing as a perfect candidate

Thank goodness that little fact doesn’t keep most people from voting. You see, if you want the perfect candidate, one who aligns exactly with your ideals, you are going to need to run yourself. That’s a scary thought, huh? Can you imagine opening every closet for the entirety of your existence and explaining exactly what […]

Walker and his promises

Nothing delights a Wisconsin Democrat these days more than reminding voters of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s broken promises. There are several, but the one they like most is the (ridiculous) idea that he could create 250,000 jobs. I used the word ridiculous. It was. It still is. Politicians don’t create jobs, economies do. For Walker […]

Free today! Scott Walker’s Wisconsin: A Fairly Conservative Perspective

Actually, it’s free tomorrow as well. Head over to Amazon and download a copy in Kindle format.

Considering the candidates for WI Attorney General

I suppose we should take a moment to figure out who’s running. The race between Republican Brad Schimel and Democrat Susan Happ isn’t exactly on the front page. All that space is reserved for the he-said-she-said dialogue between gubernatorial candidates Scott Walker and Mary Burke. But the Attorney General decision will be on the ballot […]

Shall we play a game?

I suppose I just dated myself with that title. It’s from the 1983 movie War Games where a (very) young Matthew Broderick hacks into a war computer and nearly starts World War III. In the end, the computer learns the concept of a tied game – or no winner possible – and stops the launch […]