Here’s to the shithole countries.

POTUS said a bad word! Or at least someone claimed he said a bad word. But then two other people said he didn’t say a bad word. But the media spent two days talking about POTUS using a bad word. So it must be true. No, I’m not linking any of that malarky. If it’s […]

The downside to paradise

I’m headed home Saturday morning after more than a month in Antigua, Guatemala. In part, we were here to meet the new library in Parramos. True confession: I screw things up now and then, but whoa, did I get this one right. The painting, done by a local patron, is headed home with me. The […]


We live in interesting times. I spent part of the summer discussing the blurring and overlapping lines of Democrat and Republican with a friend. (Ok, the discussion was with wine in hand on the back deck of a floating home, so don’t feel too sorry for me.) Political scientist Theodore J. Lowi spent his career […]

Security in the digital age

I was rather amazed by this piece of news from Britain that flew around Twitter last night. British agents oversaw the destruction of an unspecified number of the Guardian newspaper’s hard drives in an apparent bid to keep the fruit of Edward Snowden’s leaks safe from Chinese spies, the paper’s editor said Monday. Really? The […]

North Korea tells its population Americans are eating birds.

“They are yummy.” Oh, go listen for the line! It’s priceless. This, friends, is the internet at it’s best. Even if the clip turns out to be fake, it’s funny, funny stuff. From