POTUS’ brosky Hugo Chavez dies.

If you want to be super creeped out, go review these photos.

Because the U.S. is just like France

France appears to be pushing to the left. Socialists won the first round of the country’s election results. That first link? All in French, but according to the young woman, a friend of the family’s, who put it to her Facebook page, she was aghast that 20% of the electorate would be polled as “far […]

While you were in Iowa

President Obama vowed to release Taliban leaders from Gitmo. That’s called taking advantage of the news cycle, don’t you think?

Humor me.

Watch this short video. I didn’t have anything to do with this one. It does a great job of showing Reicken in action.

Bachmann Responds to President Obama’s Decision to Pull U.S. Troops from Iraq

I haven’t reprinted a press release in its entirety for a while, but this one earns it. It’s hard not to agree with Bachmann’s statement. I think Obama’s lack of international skill set this country back years. We will pay for a long time. Urbandale, Iowa – Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann issued the following […]