Protect yourself against the shipping virus

I can see myself getting caught in this one. I do a lot of online buying this time of year. A virus circulating the internet e-mails you saying your package couldn’t be delivered and you should print a page before you go to pick it up at the shipping location. Clicking to print starts the […]

Wisconsin exports ginseng?

Whoa. That one caught me by surprise. Nonetheless, Governor Doyle is happy to announce a new trade agreement with China over the matter. Ginseng is a plant grown primarily for the root. Wikipedia says the Chinese believe the root can clean your excess Yang . (I’m thinking that might not be legal in America. 😉 […]

So, men have been making decisions based on sex for at least 4.4 million years

That’s the latest news from National Geographic on the Ethiopian find of Ardi. So why did her species become bipedal while it was still living partly in the trees, especially since walking on two legs is a much less efficient way of getting about? According to Owen Lovejoy of Kent State University, it all comes […]

YLSNED: So what’s your name?

I was watching the news and saw where the TSA is starting to demand a full name exactly as it appears on your identification to be on your boarding pass. Forgive the language, but I’m screwed. Do you have any idea how many names I have? My passport includes my maiden name as the first […]

YLSNED: Walnuts are meant for moderation

It’s probably no secret that I’ve been dieting. I’m lifting twice a week now and keeping track of every morsel that enters the mouth. It’s no fun, but darn it! I will eventually win this one. I’ve been hooked on a beet/blue cheese/walnut salad I had at Chez Jacques a few weeks ago. I found […]