Hooray for photo voting ID!

It’s done. Finally. And I will confess in a timeline that leaves me quite suspicious, but it’s done. Wisconsin is free to implement photo IDs for voting in the next November election.

No doubt Governor Walker is quite delighted by the turn of events. He used a little executive action (Isn’t there someone else who does that?) to make IDs available to those who might have trouble paying the fee to obtain a birth certificate, and BOOM! Two days later we have photo IDs at the polls. No one can really point a finger at him because he’s only doing what the courts dictated. Walker rallies the Republican base with a law that they wanted and skirts any appearance of ramming the voting process change through a special session. (Cue a smiling Governor.)

The law took about 1,190 days to be fully enforceable. Granted, the law still sits in federal court, but with the injunction removed, it will be implemented again. There was a small February 2012 election where photo IDs were necessary before first tier state and federal courts struck it down. (Funny, I just don’t recall the world having come to an end during that election.) More than ever, the courts are being used to delay legislation. I’m feeling confident the delays are finally over for WI photo ID and that the federal review court will eventually reverse the lower court’s decision.

It is important to have this larger mid-term election under Wisconsin’s belt with the new law in advance of the 2016 Presidential polls. That’s when this new law will matter the most.

One final thought: November’s mid-term will be a smaller turnout even with the Gubernatorial race. Democrats will cry foul claiming voters were disenfranchised, but Republicans will revel in the argument of fewer false votes. That’s just the way the game is played. In the meantime, you are better assured that one person using one address with one photo ID was allowed to vote once. Isn’t that a great feeling?


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