Of course I’m goofing off.

And it’s going to continue through July. I just decided. Doubt you’ll even miss me, but I did think to let a couple of you loyal folks know it’s intentional.

Yes, there are actually things going on, but none of them seem to top swimming and cooking and staring at a baby, so it can wait.

Hope you are enjoying your Wisconsin summer, too.


Migrating the blog, and it’s a girl!

Which means things could get weird. I sure hope it's all back by Monday. Probably won't get started for a couple of days. --- Oh, for those of you wondering what happened, I've been doing this: Well, I haven't exactly done anything except marvel at the whole miracle. She's the first grandchild for both sides of the family. Spoiling will ensue. --- Of course there are things to … [Read More]

No Rain in Richmond

I never thought I would do it. On Tuesday I voted for a college professor that conducts his trade in a small liberal arts college in Ashland, Virginia a.k.a. the Center of the Universe and home of the annual Starawberry Faire. My Congressman will change in January of next year. I live in the district of the present Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Eric Cantor. I am not surprised … [Read More]

Gov. Walker, it’s time to call that special session.

Last March the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported: Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday he would call a special legislative session if courts this spring … [Read More]

He Served his Country for 4 Decades

Across the country he was being praised as an honorable and decent man. He was a veteran who served his country overseas and was in public service for … [Read More]

Walker’s Polling History

A summary of comments from a previous post, but worthy of a few minutes I think. Scott Walker's polling has been all over the place prior to his … [Read More]